Brand Impact


  • Logo Refresh
  • Promotional Merchandise Mockups
  • Web Banners

Timeframe – 4 weeks

The situation

Prior to enhancing a more goal-oriented series of web banners it was decided that the current logo wasn’t working well at small sizes and was overly complicated. It was decided that a more simplified and bolder logo was needed before moving onto the next phase of the marketing mission.

The solution

We developed a logo that retained much of the brand equity built up over the past 18+ years. We kept it bold and simple, but introduced a vibrant colour palette to help create contrasting promotional products and capitalise on their ability to be impactful.

Using the new colour palette, web banners were created to inform users of 3 core areas of the business; online shop, impactful campaigns, and webstores.



We used the new colour palette to create bold, impactful merchandise with a clear message to the audience.


The goal was to demonstrate to the end user the 3 main characteristics of successful promotional products.

1. Useful

2. Desirable

3. Longevity


We retained the most vibrant and contrasting colours for the new brand identity and kept the proportions the same to retain as much brand equity as possible.

The new logo is much more successful at small sizes due to its simplicity and printing onto pens and other small items will produce promotional products with a much sleeker and professional finish. 


Testimonial Iconography
“Thanks very much again to the team at Brand Impact, I would definitely recommend their services to other companies who are looking for quality, affordable branding.”