Promotional Products Work. Now Tell Your Customers.

Easier said than done, right? Getting your customers attention is tough enough, but convincing them in under 90 seconds that spending their marketing budget on promotional products is the smart thing to do. Impossible.


Or is it? In collaboration with the BPMA, we’ve created an animated video that engages and educates your audience on the benefits of promotional products. We’ve used research conducted by the BPMA to get across the key points that will convince your customers that money spent on promotional products is going to deliver a great return on investment.

We’ve now produced over 60 Distributor videos. Check out the videos below to see what we do to make each video yours!

Visitors to your website are far more likely to watch a 90 second video than read a page of text, and as well as this you can use your video to extend your reach beyond your website. Sharing your video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. will open you up to a new audience who might otherwise ignore you. Video also has the added bonus of being proven to increase sales, enquiries and also your SEO rankings.

You can order your own branded version for just £99 +vat (BPMA members) or £169 +vat (non BPMA members).

Promotional products work. Now tell your customers.